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    I am aware that volunteering with Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc. involves risks of personal injury, property damage and other risks associated with volunteer service. I understand that I will not be compensated for my services as a volunteer. I understand that Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc. is not responsible or liable for my personal effects and property and that they will not provide lock up or offer security for any items. By my signature, for myself, my estate and heirs, I release discharge, indemnify and forever hold Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc., its employees and Board of Directors harmless from any claims and/or causes of action arising from participation as a volunteer and travel associated therewith. Tennessee Statutes excludes unpaid volunteers from our Worker’s Compensation coverage. I understand that I will NOT be covered under Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc.’s Worker’s Compensation insurance while performing as a Volunteer. In the event that I am injured, I consent to administration of first aid and other medical treatment and agree to pay the costs of any such treatment. I understand that I am to abide by whatever policies, rules and regulations currently in effect at Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc. I also understand that volunteer work is based on mutual consent and that either I or Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc. can end the volunteer relationship at any time without notice. I understand that any confidential information to which I have access is privileged and shall be held in strict confidence. Information will be shared with Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc., staff as necessary. I understand that any violation of the confidentiality of such information may result in termination of my partnership with Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc. I give any organization involved with Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc. permission to photograph me as it relates to my volunteer work. I understand that the organizations have permission to use these photographs/videotapes for publicity purposes. By signing, I acknowledge that I have carefully read and fully understand the information, and I am voluntarily signing this agreement between myself and Chattanooga Goodwill Industries, Inc. as you own free act. *
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