Paul Huff Goodwill Store employees were nearly brought to tears recently when they witnessed one of their customers step forward to help another customer pay for a formal dress for an upcoming school dance.

Seems both customers were in line to pay for their purchases. One of the customers was a young lady from Life Bridges of Cleveland, a facility dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities learn how to be more self-sufficient in their everyday lives. The school had a dance scheduled, and the student and her caregiver had come to the Paul Huff Goodwill in search of a dress. The young lady found one, a formal priced at $24.99.

Both she and her caregiver headed for the cash register and got in line. Unfortunately, when it came time to pay for her purchase, the young woman learned she did not have enough money to pay for the dress.
As simple kindness and generosity would have it, another woman in the cash register line stepped forward with a $20 bill and handed it to the cashier – to be used toward the total purchase price. The Life Bridges’ student’s caregiver paid the balance.

Both Goodwill customers remain anonymous, but chances are it will be quite a while before that truly ‘random act of kindness’ by one Goodwill customer to another is forgotten. Thanks! That’s a heart-warmer!