Job Training and Placement

Since 1923, Chattanooga Goodwill Industries has been focused on helping people with disabilities and other barriers to employment find meaningful work opportunities so that they can achieve their full potential and participate in all aspects of a productive life.

We are focused on connecting employers with a reliable, steady stream of qualified, productive employees who are ready to work.

Goodwill employment programs provide vocational training, work experience, job placement, readiness training and workforce re-entry support. We assist individuals in finding work despite any barriers that might prevent them from finding meaningful employment, such as lack of experience, lack of education, disabilities and not knowing what is expected in the workplace.

Our comprehensive vocational evaluation assesses each client’s aptitudes, interests and abilities through hands-on measurements and opportunities.  We work with each individual to build a feasible and customized vocational plan that will ultimately lead to employment.

While in training with a job coach, Goodwill clients work in structured, temporary positions to improve job skills and work behaviors.  This training environment ensures that participants can address challenges and continue to build strengths before entering the workforce.

When clients are ready to pursue employment in the community, Goodwill provides them with job readiness classes, resume development and job placement assistance.

Goodwill’s Workforce Development Services:

  • Vocational Evaluations
  • Customized Vocational Development Plans
  • Job Skills Training
  • Workplace Behaviors
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Job Placement
  • Second Chances for Ex-offenders