Job Training and Placement

Meet our new Digital Skills Instructor Deborah Barr, who has a passion for helping people.  Her qualifications include a master’s degree in education curriculum and instruction, and more than 20 years of experience teaching, motivating and inspiring students of all ages.

Write Your Next Chapter

Your Way

Our Goodwill has a rich nearly 100-year history of helping people in our community to find jobs and provide for their families.

We believe every person, regardless of ability, situation or background has the right to reach their fullest potential. Our program participants come from all walks of life. Many have disabilities. Others have encountered barriers in their lives such as previous engagement with the justice system, long-term unemployment, or low education attainment. But they have one thing in common, they all want to work and be productive members of the community. If this sounds like you, take the next step and let us help you advance your career.

Personal Assessment
Our comprehensive intake evaluation will consider your aptitudes, interest, and abilities through a process of observation, work samples, and evaluation. Then Goodwill professionals will work with you to determine a feasible and customized work plan that will lead to your next job. All services are provided at no charge to you.

Career and Work Development
Work training at Goodwill will expose you to the standards and demands of the current working world. While in training, you’ll work in a structured temporary position to improve your job skills and work behaviors. This training environment will ensure that you can address any challenges and continue to build on your strengths before entering the community workforce.

Job Readiness Training
When you’re ready to pursue competitive employment in the community, Goodwill will provide you with a number of tools to assist with your job search, including help writing your resume, preparing for an interview, or placing you in a job with one of our corporate partners. Are you ready to advance your career?

For the Opportunity Campus at 6104 Preservation Drive, Chattanooga please call or email Tiara Hoy, Intake Specialist 423-629-2501 Ext. 2950

For the Job Connection Center at 7601 East Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga, please call or email Taryn Balwinski, Intake Specialist 423-629-2501 Ext. 7601