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Goodwill programs served 7,717 people with disabilities and disadvantages in 2016

Employment services is at the heart and soul of all Chattanooga Goodwill Industries’ array of programs and services. Finding jobs for people who have physical challenges or who have life challenges is what we do best, and it is what we have been doing for more than 92 years.

Sometimes, a person is transitioning from dire circumstances, such as homelessness, and just needs a decent bed to sleep in so that he can pursue employment. The Furniture Bank can fill that need.

Through hands-on experience, we teach people how to be an employee: how to be punctual, how to complete a task, how to be responsible and behave appropriately in a workplace environment. Skills can be acquired through job coaching and working in our warehouse or by fulfilling contract piecework assignments, by recycling electronic equipment such as computers, or as a member of our contract custodial team.

Goodwill believes in the power of work. We help people who for different reasons need help going to work. And we do what we can to help them continue working.


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