There isn’t much that can deter Becky Freeman of Chattanooga. Becky, a former participant of the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), works as an Administrative Assistant for the Neediest Cases Fund with the United Way of Chattanooga. Becky just turned 67 a couple of weeks ago and is the first to tell anyone that she has had a rough-and-

tumble life. From an early marriage at 14 years to a bout with cancer to several broken bones and other injuries, she has persisted through faith and a healthy belief in her capabilities.

She had worked in the legal system for 27 years, but due to multiple health issues, had been out of the workforce for 15 years. She knew she would need help re-entering the job world so she turned to SCSEP.

Administered through Chattanooga Goodwill, SCSEP helps low-income, older adults (55 years and up) find jobs through paid, community service work experiences. Becky had been placed at the United Way by SCSEP as part of the program’s paid on-the-job training for older adults. She was hired permanently by United Way in August.

“I don’t have a college degree, but I am smart. I can learn just about anything,” she said as she proudly handed out her business cards at her new office. “SCSEP was a blessing to me.” To prove her point, she ticks off the some of the on-the-job skills she has acquired: computer; ServicePoint; Client Point.  “It helps people who need an income, but don’t have the confidence or skills to get a job. The pay, $7.50 an hour, is pretty good, and you don’t have to do things you’re not able to do.”

While Becky is glad to have a job, she’s already looking and dreaming ahead. “Ministry – that’s what I’d really like to do with the rest of my life. I’d minister to women who have been through tough time, I’d even talk about SCSEP if they’d let me.”