What about donation bins?

Donors in the 23-county Chattanooga Goodwill area have lots of options when it comes donation locations. All of our retail stores accept donations, and many of them have donation centers separate from the retail area. We have more than 20 stand-alone Attended Donation Centers located throughout the service region, and attendants are available to help unload your vehicle and give you a receipt for your tax records.

Many organizations – both profit and nonprofit – offer stand-alone bins for donation drop-off. These bins are convenient and many are operated by reputable charitable organizations. Some are not, however.  The State of Tennessee requires that organizations clearly and accurately identify themselves so people know who is receiving their donations. There should be contact information for the organization that benefits from your generosity.

Know who you are donating to. If in doubt, contact the Tennessee Secretary of State.

Thank you for supporting Chattanooga Goodwill Industries in SE Tennessee and NW Georgia.

When you shop at our retail locations or make a donation at one of our donation centers you are helping people in need.