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Did you know Goodwill accepts medical equipment to be reused by those in need?  And at no cost to those who apply and qualify. 

Goodwill’s HELPs provided increased safety and wellness to 6,126 people in 2014 with durable medical equipment.

Much of the equipment we are able to provide is donated by people who no longer need it and the rest from businesses and medical providers with excess inventory.  We clean, refurbish, repair (if possible) and sanitize all equipment and pass it along to someone in our 23-county service area to allow them to live more safely in their home or to gain independence in the workplace or in their community.


Goodwill Assists Fire Department Call Volume

By Michelle Heron, WRCB Reporter

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) – Chattanooga firefighters respond to thousands of calls each year sending engines and crews to everything from chemical fires to medical and assistance calls. Deputy Fire Marshal Seth Miller says the department has recently seen an increase in calls from those that are elderly or disabled who need help after a fall or going to the restroom.

These are non-emergency calls that put each responding company out of service.

“If an emergency happened a street over, that particular fire company is out of service and unavailable to respond to the true emergency,” Miller said. Which is why the department is teaming up with Goodwill Chattanooga through the HELPs program. It’s designed to give refurbished medical equipment to those that qualify free of charge.

“They can’t get the equipment or maybe they do have insurance but the deductibles are so high, they can’t afford $85 for a walker or could be a couple hundred dollars for a wheelchair or multi-thousand dollars for a hospital bed or electric wheelchair,” Goodwill Chattanooga Director of Development Kevin Beirne said.

These canes, walkers, and wheelchairs are sanitized and ready to go and Miller says they could make all the difference for someone needed to get around safely. “To help our citizens who may only need a piece of equipment to help them instead of calling 9-1-1 on a regular basis,” he added.

Goodwill Chattanooga donated $1 million worth of medical equipment last year alone. They hope this new venture will better the community and take a load off firefighters. “As they’re talking with people who may have fallen in the bathtub, they’re letting them know, ‘Hey, call Goodwill they have this program, they have the equipment, and they’ll provide it for free,’” Beirne said.

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