Emergency Vouchers

Chattanooga Goodwill Industries believes in giving people a chance, not charity. Goodwill’s programs help people become more self-sufficient, whether it’s through the independence that comes with a paycheck or the freedom of mobility that a piece of medical equipment can provide. Sometimes people need a little extra help, though, and Goodwill’s clothing voucher program meets that need.

Goodwill is committed to helping people change their lives through the power of work. We know that the impression a person makes during an interview is all-important. Goodwill will provide an outfit suitable for job interviews free of charge to a person who cannot afford to purchase the clothes.

Chattanooga Goodwill Industries also provides clothing to families and individuals who have experienced a fire, flood or other misfortune. A letter of referral from a fire department, police department, insurance company or other social service agency and a valid Social Security number for each family member is required to fulfill emergency requests.

Four of our local Goodwill stores will open their doors and hearts to welcome 235 Patton Tower residents (who were evacuated from their apartments) to receive free clothing. The “Power of Goodwill” lies within the power of the community.