Chattanooga Goodwill joined area vendors at the BlueCross BlueShield Chattanooga campus to celebrate Earth Day and to promote the benefits of recycling and eco-living. Both BCBS employees and members of public dropped off more than 2500 pounds of electronics, furniture, decor items and clothing at the Goodwill donation truck. A good day for Goodwill, and a good day for the earth!

Goodwill, known in some circles as “the world’s original recycler,” lives and breathes by donations. After all, the sale of donations generously given by supporters provides jobs for more than 500 people in 23 counties, and many of those people have employment challenges. The revenue from gently-used donations helps pay for free job training, medical equipment, households of furniture for people in housing transitions and job placement services to more than 6000 people every year. Not a bad track record!

But … have you ever considered the benefit those donations have on our environment? That pair of jeans you’ve outgrown gets new life when bought by someone else, and it becomes one less item in the local landfill. In 2017, Chattanooga Goodwill diverted 4.4 million pounds of clothing, furniture and more from the landfill. We recycle about 850,000 pounds of electronics, metal and paper items every year. The next time you make a Goodwill donation, give yourself a pat on the back. Not only have you helped us turn your jeans into jobs. You’ve also helped all of us make the globe be a little greener.