Northwest Georgia residents now have a new thrift store: Goodwill of Fort Oglethorpe.

“It is an area that Goodwill wanted to locate to for awhile,” said store manager Melissa Lowe. “We had customers driving from Fort Oglethorpe to LaFayette or to Chattanooga stores. We sell donated clothing of men’s, women’s and children’s. I have framed art photos and domestic bedding and curtains. The store is 10,000 square feet including the donation center, where JP Nails was before it moved.”

Serving the community in numerous ways, Goodwill offers store vouchers to people in need, Lowe said. For example, if a family’s house burned down, each family member could get a voucher for free clothing from Goodwill.

“I had a lady yesterday that told me she was homeless,” said Lowe. “Vouchers help people get by until they are on their feet.”

Helping fuel that mission are sales to paying customers. Goodwill Communications Coordinator Mary Lockhart said the local stores sell a lot of items in the “wares” department — household decor, small appliances, knickknacks and framed art.

While Lowe said women’s clothes are the most popular part of the selection at the Fort Oglethorpe store, donations of….

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