Annette Hendricks (on the left) with Taryn Wilson

A Heart for Helping

Sep 10, 2016 | Community

Annette Hendricks (shown on the left with Taryn Wilson) of Rossville, GA, retired in 2014 after working for many years in the federal court system, for the local phone company and at other paid endeavors. But it took her only about two weeks to realize she wasn’t ready to stop working. She didn’t necessarily want to earn a paycheck. But she did want to earn that deep-down feeling of “going good,” something that money just can’t buy. She wanted to help people. So Annette set off in search of good causes that could use some assistance.

She volunteered for several months at the Chambliss Child Care Center in Chattanooga. The work was alright. They needed the help. And Annette couldn’t say, “no.” But one day she happened upon the Chattanooga Goodwill website, and clicked on the “Volunteer” page. Office help was needed, and Annette made some inquiries. That was more than a year ago.

Today, Annette helps out at the Dodds Avenue facility two days a week. Her office skills have enabled her to streamline the methods of entering data from donation receipts, and one can often find her organizing the masses of carbon copy receipts handled by Chattanooga Goodwill. She assists in HELPs, Goodwill’s durable medical equipment program. When not managing paper or equipment, Annette is willing to do just about anything else that needs to be done. Anything, she said, “to feel like you’re doing something to lighten the load for someone.”

“Miss Annette is great,” said Taryn Wilson, Goodwill administrative assistance and volunteer coordinator. “She always comes in willing to do whatever needs to done with a smile on her face. Annette keeps our filing caught up and when she’s done filing she checks to see where else she can help”

Ms. Wilson said Chattanooga Goodwill currently has about 40 volunteers working in several locations, including HELPs, the Furniture Bank and in Goodwill stores. They volunteer to get job experience, to have something to do, to fulfill school requirements and, “of course, to give back to the community,” she said.

If you would like to volunteer for Chattanooga Goodwill, visit our “Volunteer” page.

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